Experience “zero stress” and peace of mind with perfectly tailored ownership
 experience that will truly surprise you.


We believe in our unique approach to property ownership and our 360° service mix, which we have tailored to your needs.


Our properties are located in secluded and private areas allowing you to live
a life that is exclusively wonderful.


Learning from our Owners’ feedback, our approach has evolved over time to become one of transparency and open book approach.

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Trustworthy Partnership

We have chosen to enter into a relationship of trust: a partnership where we work, together, towards the achievement of your goals.


The relationship which we strive to develop is one of the added-value from the balance between three pillars: the return on investment, the care of your property and your benefits as owner.


Our ability to prosper in the long-term depends on creating value for you as well as our capacity to deliver on our promises.

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Enjoy luxury standards and premium services such as housekeeping

and the assistance of our on-site manager.

Mauritian Lifestyle

Experience the charm of the Mauritian “art de vivre”. Indulge in a tropical beachfront lifestyle with local experts to assist you.

A Home Away From Home

Reconnect with the essentials and your loved ones within the privacy of your home away from home!