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10 reasons why to invest on the West Coast of Mauritius

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is considered one of the most developed economies in the African region. Highly ranked for democracy, economic and political freedom, it regroups multiple ethnicities and religions, making the population open-minded and multilingual.

Mauritius is a mix of everywhere, it has been ranked by the Global Peace Index 2019 among the safest and most peaceful countries.

The Republic of Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Island and has a strategic location, at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, it has become a meeting point between these two continents.

The island is surrounded by more than 150 km (100 mi) of white sandy beaches, and the lagoons are protected from the open sea by the world's third-largest coral reef, which surrounds the island. It has a beautiful and varied flora and fauna, the Island is known for the respect it has for nature. Many endemic species live on the island and are protected by the wildlife. Most of these species are living in national parks which are protected by different organizations, governmental and non-governmental. Protection involves three National Parks with one located on the West coast, “Black River Gorges National Park” which covers 65,74 km2 of land.

The West Coast of Mauritius is well known for this National park but not only. It is a coveted place for many aspects but for sure the fact that it is surrounded by nature is making a big difference, people living there feel the fresh air between natural forest and sea. A natural environment is created to live a peaceful lifestyle balanced between a healthy way of life, a developed level of education in the area and available great places to work. These three pillars automatically encourage a family friendly place where all family members can take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this place.

Always considered as the wild area of Mauritius, the West Coast has been for a long time surrounded only by forest, beaches and some fishers. It was all along the coast, only fishers villages without shops and facilities.

From the development of the Island, the West Coast has grown and extended in order to become a place where its residents will find all the facilities needed. The great part of this evolution is that the diversity and the nature has always been respected to keep the charm and authenticity of the place. Actually it is a really great thing because more and more people are looking for places endorsed by green spaces and leaving busy cities.

If you are looking for a place like this, respectful of mother earth and where the vibe can be easily felt in the air by a relaxed mood and a friendly atmosphere, West Coast is for you.

Sundowner on the west coast of Mauritius
Sundowner on the West Coast of Mauritius

If you are not yet convinced, find below 10 reasons why choose this attractive place:

1. A flourishing region

Since a few years, the West Coast of Mauritius is becoming more popular and attracting. As an additional attraction point to its wilderness, Smart Cities are being developed in the area, and investors are very interested in this sustainable idea.

It offers new facilities to residents such as colleges, universities, supermarkets, clinics, elderly residences, parks, and sport centers. The region aims at being self-sufficient by offering to its residents all they need, going from business opportunities, security, education, health, and wellness.

Having all these facilities and an integral business environment is an opportunity for the West Coast residents to have all they need nearby by avoiding spending and losing hours on the road and being stuck in traffic.

2. Education centered

Learn, grow, develop and achieve skills in many fields of education on the West Coast. Medine group is now developing more and more the education appeal in order to give an access to all Mauritian and foreigners living here, the desire and the possibility to grow their knowledge.

Different world-renowned and elite institutions have established themselves at the “Uniciti Education Hub” to offer its students the best education. Different fields of higher education are available, such as law, architecture, communication, hospitality, engineering, or computer science.

In addition to the education proposed, a smart campus lifestyle within sport center, grocery shops, paramedical center and shopping mall are at walking distance. A whole environment for the completed journey of education from A to Z.

Moreover it will not only be around education but also around business environments. The leading group are actually creating a whole smart city.

3. Charming & Authentic

The West Coast of Mauritius is reputed for its beautiful preserved nature. With a circle of mountains surrounding the region, a peaceful environment is automatically created, making a natural charm with an authentic "chill" vibe. The kindness of the locals makes you feel welcome and relax, they will always help if needed. This ambiance encourages a lifestyle where there is no stress or rush, the rhythm is pleasant and peaceful leading by a calm and respect between all the residents.

Moreover the West coast offers the most beautiful sundowner on the island, these gold hours make you realize even more how warm and cosy this place is.

4. Family friendly

It is easy and convenient to raise a family on the West Coast simply because the area is very safe and the residents are very family-oriented. They have built over the years many kindergartens and nurseries, kids clubs and sports activities dedicated to the well-being of the children. Spend memorable moments with your loved ones in absolute safety in this region full of family.

5. Embraced by nature

The West Coast of Mauritius is probably the most beautiful part of Mauritius concerning nature. It has been spoiled by mother nature with many natural aspects available on site.

First of all with the famous mountain, La Tourelle, which offers a unique 360 views over the coast. Then the Black river gorges, which represent an area of 6 574 hectares of forests enable free access to its habitants to discover the fauna and flora that are being conserved and protected.

Furthermore the famous Tamarin Bay which is a place where locals, expats and tourists gather to experience the best sunset of the island. The last but not the least, Le Morne Brabant, UNESCO world heritage, is only at 20 minutes from Black River/ Tamarin.

Moreover, the south of the island, not far away, about 30 minutes by car, is still very unknown and wild. This region, with only a few hotels and fishing villages, offers you pristine white beaches and unique intimacy.

6. Sports heaven

The West Coast is well known for being a sports region and paradise for water-sports addicts, the protected lagoon allows people to enjoy it at one hundred percent.

Facts are, we have south-west waves for surfers and kite surfers, beautiful lagoons to explore for scuba divers or curious ones. Our beautiful coastline is inhabited by dolphins making the snorkeling even more exciting. In addition we have got mountains to hike, to ride, to walk and to discover.

As well as the sea, if you want to escape from your routine and fulfill your mind from a peaceful green space, mountains are accessible for your pleasure. As well as the divers, the fishers find their balance here too, it is a very popular place to fish, far off our shores you can catch big fish and you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the meat.

7. Golf oriented

The Golf course of Tamarina offers a 18-hole championship golf course. Designed by the leading golf architect Rodney Wright, it is widely considered to be a must-play golf course on any golf holiday to Mauritius. Same as the hotel “Le Paradis” at Le Morne, only 20 minutes driving from Tamarin or Black River, it is a 18-hole championship golf course worth discovering. This golf course is really famous and has been designed alongside the historical Le Morne Mountain, a protected heritage by UNESCO, making your course a fantastic experience. Moreover, surrounded by a breathtaking view on the blue lagoon of Le Morne, golfers remember their course as a fantastic journey immersed under the tropics with the coconut trees and flamboyants along the course.

8. Harmonious design

The properties on the West Coast are structured in order to make the emphasis of its natural beauty (mountains, marina, river and sea side) and by maximising green spaces. The architects of the different projects of the region know the area very well, and kept in mind issues of privacy and distance between properties while designing them. The design of houses here are oriented to have natural privacy by creating green spaces and gardens.

9. Commercial & office spaces

There are available office spaces in the area to rent, and they are well located. Instead of losing time on the road, driving to Port Louis or somewhere else, it is more efficient to stay on the West coast for work. Choose the right balance between work life and personal life and do not spend anymore time stuck in traffic, to go to work.

Horizon Projects propose properties that will allow you to work 5 minutes from your home nearby all facilities. Find your workplace neighbouring and earn more time to spend with your special ones.

10. High End developments

Not many areas in Mauritius offer foreigners the ability to invest in beachfront properties. However, the West Coast has benefits of freehold lands that allow the region to propose to its residents or future residents a wide range of unique beachfront properties.

Such as "Manta Cove" or "The WaterClub", two unique real estate developments on sale to non-citizen of Mauritius located in prime locations either on the beach or either on a Marina.

They are made by Horizon, the one stop shop for real estate in Mauritius. From real estate development, through property management to rental management (short and long term), they adapt to the needs of their buyers/investors through an integrated tailor-made offer.

It is a fantastic opportunity for foreign investors who want to own a piece of paradise, feet under the white sand and head in a blue lagoon in a safe environment.

A dream that can come true from now, do not hesitate to contact us directly to know more about properties available and procedure to buy/invest in Mauritius.

Beachfront RES development - Manta Cove made by HORIZON PROPERTIES


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