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Live, invest & work from Mauritius with the one-year Premium Visa

Working from home and bored with the view from your desk? Dreaming about working remotely from one of the most paradisiac beaches of the world? Or simply looking for a way to come back to your favourite island? Well, with the Premium Visa, it is now possible to live, invest and/or work in Mauritius for an entire year.

Start planning your one-year getaway to Mauritius, contact us now.

Who is eligible for the Premium Visa?

Make turquoise lagoons (really) and white sand your office view! The Mauritian government has introduced the year-long visa, renewable, for any non-citizen who intends to stay in Mauritius as a professional, investor but also as a tourist or retiree, willing to come with his/her family and carry out his business or work remotely from Mauritius.

What is the validity period for the Premium Visa?

The Premium Visa is valid for a period of one year and is renewable.

If you are intending to stay in Mauritius for a period exceeding 180-days, you may apply for the Premium Visa. If you are planning to stay for less than 180-days, a tourist visa is granted on your arrival to Mauritius.

What are the conditions to obtain the Premium Visa?

Below are important conditions to follow:

  • you should not enter the Mauritius Labour market;

  • your main place of business and source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius;

  • you must provide documentary evidence to support applications such as purpose of visit, accommodation etc.; and other basic immigration requirements.

For more information about the Premium Visa visit the website of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

How to apply?

Since November 16, the application for the Premium Visa can be done online.

To benefit from the Premium Travel Visa, you should provide a proof of your long stay plans and sufficient travel and health insurance for your initial period of stay, as well as other paper requirements:

  1. a valid passport

  2. copy of air ticket (including return ticket)

  3. a passport size photo

  4. a valid email address

  5. pre-booking for accommodation (for quarantine and post-quarantine)

  6. travel and health insurance for the period of stay

  7. proof of funds (bank statement or bank attestation) to meet the cost of stay in Mauritius

Once you have finished completing the form, the e-visa will be issued via email within 48-72 hours.

What's next ?

- Book your accommodation

After receiving your Premium Visa, you shall book an accommodation for your stay in Mauritius. Here are options of units available for a minimum of a year-long rental:

- Akasha

- La Mivoie

- Manta Cove

Once you book your accommodation and flight, you’re ready for the final but yet, ultimate step, before leaving for Mauritius: undertake a COVID PCR Test, which should be negative.

- Do a COVID-19 PCR test

All travelers planning to come to Mauritius are required to undertake a COVID PCR test, 7 days before their flight. Yet, the test must be negative to be able to enter the country. Another test is to be done upon arrival.

- Undergo quarantine upon your arrival in Mauritius

Mauritius is renowned to be one of the safest places on earth during the COVID pandemic. COVID-free for many months and now maintaining high standards and strict protocols to ensure the sanitary safety of visitors as well as nationals, the Mauritian government now wants to ensure that Mauritius remains a COVID-safe destination.

Thus, since Mauritius' international borders have re-opened, all travellers must undergo a mandatory 14-days hotel quarantine, at their own cost. Also, any travellers must undertake another PCR test at day 7 then at day 14. If both tests are negative, he/she will then be able to leave the premises of the hotel.

- Enjoy Mauritius!

We always advise to avoid crowded places the first days after leaving quarantine but you are now free to enjoy Mauritius and fall in love (again) with its beauty!

- Can you invest in Mauritius on a Premium Visa?

Yes, you may acquire a residential property developed under Schemes which are accessible to foreigners: the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES), Property Development Scheme (PDS) or Smart City Scheme (SCS). You can also acquire an apartment which is Ground +2 (G+2).

Learn more about Property Schemes in Mauritius open to foreigners and feel free to get in touch with us using this contact form or call Pierre-Yves on (+230) 5 256 36 91.


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